Robert Jordan

C# Junkie
Application Programmer
Anime Enthusiast
Paint.NET Warrior


Although I specialize in C#, I am also familiar with C/C++, Java (it’s been ages), and… ActionScript… (it’s painful). I am also acquainted with JavaScript and CSS as I’ve made a few game mods with it but I’m not very fluent. I started programming in 2010 with C++ and moved to C# around 2014 and never looked back. My focus is application development in my free time, but I originally majored in Game Programming. I don’t write many games anymore, although I do have an on-and-off project for recreating the Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons game engine in XNA. One of my biggest obsessions when creating something is polish. I always need it to look presentable along with being functional. This is the same for both game and application programming.


I almost exclusively use Paint.NET for editing images. I suck at what I do, but I still do it anyways. I’m not very good at creating graphics from nothing, but I do have a little bit of skill in modifying existing graphics, or adding on to them. With these skills I’m thankfully able to make my programs look somewhat decent and give them a proper logo.

My Username and Avatar

My username is a play on the Source SDK brush entity: trigger_hurt. I’ve had the name for around 10 or so years and the avatar for a few years less. Before that I used to use the actual Source SDK trigger texture as my avatar. The postfix of the name was changed from death to segfault in mid 2019 to move away from the gamer tag theme before. It’s a little bit of a silly name now that look back on it, but I won’t ever be changing it because it’s my name and it’s actually unique. I’ve never had to postfix numbers to the end of it when signing up online and that is enough for me.

Notable Works

  • OpenRCT2 Developer - An open source decompilation of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
    • I implemented a few features such as the game speed buttons, window theming, title sequence editor, in-game object selection, and even drawing the logo on the title screen.
  • RCT2 Tools - A collection of Tools for help with the modification of RollerCoaster Tycoon 2
    • I spent a lot of time deciphering some of the less documented file formats in RCT2. Some of this work even helped towards the development of OpenRCT2.
  • Terraria Tools - A random assortment of useful and fun tools for Terraria
    • My first tool was a Midi Player that would play notes in game by simulating mouse clicks with musical instruments. I was able to create some pretty cool presentations using this.
    • My second favorite tool is a patcher that replaces all instances of coins with Rupees. This includes graphics, audio, and dialog.
  • Trigger’s PC - A Pokémon Gen 3 everything-bank and save manager
    • This is still one of my most successful projects to date. It was also my first dive into WPF.
    • The codebase is a disaster, just like many of my older projects, but it still works.
    • I ended up at the point where I refused to play Gen 3 Pokémon without Trigger’s PC because it was just too useful.