Trigger's RCT2 Tools

Trigger's RCT2 Tools is a small collection of stylish and functional tools for use with Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Each tool is designed to be easy to use and requires little to no low level knowledge about the game.
Content Browser
Easily browse and manage your custom content in RCT2. Allows you to see what an object looks like as well as gives detailed information on the object.
Graphics Extractor
Extract images from g1.dat (the data file containing all of RCT2's graphics) to a folder. Uses correct palettes for every image and creates sprite fonts from the character images.
Group Creator
Create custom scenery groups with ease. Drag scenery objects in from the file explorer or RCT2 content browser.
Water Creator
Create custom water palettes with ease. Visually shows how the water looks and animates it.
Maze Generator
Create custom maze designs in the editor or generate random mazes then save them as a track design.
Music Manager
Manage and convert custom songs for RCT2 rides.
Audio Extractor
Extract sounds and music from the css files in RCT2 to a folder.
Works with Windows 7, Windows 8 has not been tested.
Your DPI setting must be at 100% percent, otherwise certain buttons may not be visible.
The source for all of Trigger's RCT2 Tools can be viewed on GitHub.
If you have any suggestions, feedback, or comments about Trigger's RCT2 Tools, feel free to contact me. I'd love to hear it.

Email me at, private message me at /u/trigger_segfault on Reddit, or visit the trigger_development Discord Server.

Download All Tools
Click here to download all of Trigger's RCT2 Tools as standalone executables.