A list of all notable tools developed by trigger_segfault.

  • RCT2 Tools

    Trigger's RCT2 Tools is a small collection of stylish and functional tools for use with Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Each tool is designed to be easy to use and requires little to no low level knowledge about the game. Many of the older tools for the game are much lower level, and thus harder to use.

  • Terraria Tools

    A wide variety of tools for working with Terraria, it's file formats, or patching features into the game.

  • Trigger's PC

    I play Gen 3 a lot and I decided hoarding Pokémon and items was a pain when storage space was so limited, that and trading takes forever. So I created a PokéBank-like program for hoarding, trading, and managing Pokémon, Items, Pokéblocks, Mail, and Decorations. Trigger's PC is a tool designed for legit purposes. There really aren't enough tools for legit-play out there sadly. However, note it does extend some of the boundaries of the game to increase replayability and customization.

  • WinDirStat.Net (WIP)

    A .NET/WPF implementation of WinDirStat with a cleaner UI that does less freezing up. Also faster than the original but there are other implementations that do the same.

  • Grisaia Extract Sprite Viewer

    A sprite viewer and saver for the original Grisaia Games. This tools will locate and index all image archives for all Grisaia games. Afterwards you can browse for a character sprite by Game, Character, Lighting, Distance, Pose, Blush, and then select the parts to display. Future versions will implement the features of Grisaia Extract so that sorting and extraction can be done via a user interface.

  • Grisaia Extract

    A ripping tool (Primarily for images) for the Grisaia games. (Phantom Trigger not supported) This is basically a polished, easy-to-use wrapper for existing programs that extract Grisaia files. (Although much of the original code has been ported to C#)

  • Unlimited Steamworks

    A launcher for Steam apps to signal Steam activity, protect against crashing apps breaking relaunching, and circumventing Steam's terrible command line argument security measures. Unlimited Steamworks is for launching Steam games without the use of the Steam client. All issues aside from the 2nd point are moot when a game is launched via the Steam client.

  • jpcmd

    A Command Prompt launcher that sets the codepage to Shift JIS (932) for proper Japanese program output. All command line arguments passed to jpcmd.exe are passed directly to cmd.exe. Setting the path to Locale Emulator's LEProc.exe in the config.ini file will allow launching the program through jpcmdle.exe to make sure all programs launched from jpcmd.exe keep their Japanese locale. The reason for this feature is that even when running cmd.exe through Locale Emulator, the codepage will not be set to Shift JIS (932), making the output practically useless.

  • Hourglass Password Wiki

    Although a tool has not been constructed for this yet, the entire framework has been set for creating one. The DVD-PG visual novel Hourglass of Summer uses password saves and this wiki documents absolutely everything about them and how they function. A web app to generate passwords is planned for the future.

  • Trigger-chan Discord Bot

    A Discord bot I made for use in a small selection of Discord servers. Her selling features are spoilers, inserting claps between words, drawing Divergence Meters, and other fun or helpful commands.

  • Metroid Map Guardian

    This is a program I created to simplify collecting power-ups in the Metroid Prime series. Each power-up is displayed on its map with instructions on how to acquire it. Many thanks to Falcon Zero for letting me use his maps and guides he created for the 3 games.

  • Ascii Artist (Forever a WIP)

    A program for creating and saving images drawn in the console using ASCII characters and colors. This program has gone through numerous versions. I often use it as a grid-based level editor.

  • AudioVis

    AudioVis is a program created in flash that allows you to enjoy your music through customizable visualizations.

  • Julia Set Explorer

    A program for creating and viewing Julia Set fractals. You can choose different functions and customize the colors.