A list of all notable games developed by trigger_segfault, or that trigger_segfault has contributed to.

  • OpenRCT2 Contributions

    I worked on OpenRCT2's development during the summer of 2015 and 2017. I implemented a numerous features such as the game speed buttons, window theming, title sequence editing, in-game object selection, and changing an entrance's path in the scenario editor, and even the drawing of the logo on the title screen.

  • Zelda Oracle Engine

    Zelda Oracle Engine is a recreation of the original Oracle of Ages/Seasons games with XNA with me and my brother. We have had a history of recreating the Oracle game engine ever since we were kids. We've done it in GameMaker, Java, and now we're moving onto XNA.

  • ReEntry

    ReEntry is a top down arcade style bullet hell where the player plays as a virus trying to infect a computer and reach its system 32 files. An area based open travel system similar to that in games like gauntlet will be used as the setting, with the player being able to take some of the enemies powers to help them complete levels. The player starts in the downloads folder and must travel through the computer to get to its destination. Each level in the game is a directory in the computer, to advance to the next directory the player must defeat all enemies in the room. The game takes place in three areas of the computer: The user directory, the registry, and the windows directory. At the end of each area is a boss guarding the shortcut.

  • One Way

    One Way is a game I first created on the console in my first semester of game programming. During the second semester I remade it in Flash and added numerous new features to make it a very interesting and unique puzzle game.


    My final game I created during my first year of game programming at college. The idea of Murican Tetris was a joke because of the fact that Tetris was made in Russia. Rule 1) All Tetrominos are red, white, and blue. Rule 2) Rock music must be playing at all times. Rule 3) Stars must fly out when a Tetromino lands.

  • Asteroid Belt

    A pretty basic game I made in Flash where you have to travel as far as possible while avoiding/destroying asteroids. A mixture between side-scrolling bullet hells and Asteroids.