A list of all notable game mods developed by trigger_segfault.

  • Skyrim: Snowdrift Manor

    Snowdrift Manor is a pleasant 2-3 story player home located in the snowy Northwest region of Skyrim near Meridia's Statue. The house comes with all the amenities including an alchemy lab, enchanting table, kitchen (with optional oven), and an outdoor smithy and chopping block. There are also a total of 11-15 indoor planters. The player bedroom has an option to add a children's room to allow for adopting children. You can build a follower's quarters where up to 3 followers can stay. There's also a Dragon Priest Mask shrine, a shelf for Dragon Claws, and a shelf for Insect Jars. You can also hire a bard to play music in your home and a merchant to sell with.

  • Skyrim: Ore Veins Mined

    This mod adds a stat for tracking ore veins mined. It can be found in the statistics menu in the crafting section. The statistic will not count any ore veins you mined before adding this mod. This is a statistic that I always thought the game needed. It's a slow and unlucrative process and there's no reason to do it late-game when you can buy the ore in bulk. At least now you can get the satisfaction of knowing you incremented a counter in the game while wasting 10 whole seconds for 9 gold worth of iron ore.

  • Sunrider Academy: PureVN

    Optionally eliminate all non-visual novel elements in Sunrider Academy for a nice, smooth, non-carpal-tunnel-inducing story. The game functions by forcing the player to select activities multiple times every in-game day, and there are about 450 in-game days the player has to go through. PureVN automates the activities and selects ones based on what will trigger any and all events.

  • Sunrider Mask of Arcadius: UI Enhancement

    Update the UI and features of Mask of Arcadius by using Liberation Day resources for an all around better viewing experience. The classic UI for Mask of Arcadius is old, clunky, and also does not come with any sort of gallery. The enhancement mod fixes the dialogue text so that it is readable again, creates a proper gallery browser, and allows for viewing more than a total of five addons. The main menu has extra polish applied and also shows a black background when trying to Alt+F4 (instead of the default gray checkered one). Navigating current missions is easier thanks to the red active planet markers in the Galaxy Map.

  • Cookie Clicker: TriggerCookies (Outdated)

    TriggerCookies provides an interface to create and load mods that all work together. TriggerCookies comes with a large supply of mods that already cover most areas of the game. You can pick and choose which ones you like, or make your own mods that better suit your needs. Included Mods: AutoCookie, StatCookie, EnhanceCookie, HotfixCookie, and CheatCookie.

  • Kittens Game: TriggerNotify

    TriggerNotify is a simple mod for Kittens Game that alerts the user with a sound when a resource hits its limit. Each resource has a unique sound when hit so it's differentiable while multitasking. The mod comes with a menu for customization. You can mute specific resources or use a custom sound for a resource.

  • Nested: Triggerverse

    Triggerverse creates a more user-friendly environment in Nested making it easier to explore infinitely. This mod will count the total nodes in existence, as well as allow you to remove nodes or recenter a node to be the primary node. Triggerverse will also save your current theme. As a bonus it also adds theme park categories randomly into cities.